History, flavours, skills of the Logudoro

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Reach the village of Bonnanaro, visit the old centre which preserves intact some of the noble dwellings of the eighteenth century. Continue with a visit to the Benedictine Monastery and Romanesque-Pisan church of S. Pietro di Sorres, then move on to the village of Giave where among legends and curious geological formations, a panoramic view can be enjoyed over the Valley of the Nuraghi and the territory we are going to visit. We reach the town of Bonorva to visit a handicraft workshop of wood-engravers. Stop for lunch to savour authentic local gastronomic products. After lunch we plunge back into the past with a visit to the Valley of the Nuraghi and the S. Antine nuraghe palace at Torralba. Finally we reach the village of Florinas to visit the Soletta vineyards with D.O.P. wine-tasting. We link up with the SS 131 motorway.

Distance: 54 km - Height difference 646 m (max 614 m – min 249 m)