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Population: 3.351
Altitude: 615 metri s.l.m.
Area: 98.19 Kmq

Town hall: Via Sanna Tolu, 30 - Tel. 079.324200 - Fax 079.324245
Postal code: 07033
Web: www.osilo.it
E-mail: osilocom.aagg@katamail.com

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Municipality of Osilo

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Brief notes on the town:

Osilo is a characteristic centre of Medieval origin, located on the most northern of the three peeks of Mount Tuffudesu. The geographical position gives this centre, which clings to the Tuffudesu, great charm, making it a mountain village with a view over the sea. The panorama sweeps from the coasts of Corsica to the mountains of Gennargentu, from the Coral Riviera, to the mountains of the Limbara and the eastern coast. Some of the most charming corners of the territory are: the area of Lake Bunnari, the Valley of the mills of San Lorenzo, the wood of Mannone and the other tree covered areas, the natural caves, the springs. Its minerals are rare and of great importance worldwide.

Economic activities:

The most precious product of the craftwork of Osilo is the female costume, and it is one of the best known and appreciated of the entire island. The carpets and other products of the craftwork weaving activity are of great value while the jewels of the artistic craftwork made with local hardstones are making a name for themselves. A place of absolute importance, as regards local products, goes to the famous cheese, su casu cottu. The promoting Committee is doing what is required to obtain the DOP mark (Denomination of Protected Origin) for this cheese. To be remembered then are: casadinas, pabassinos, tiriccas, macaroons e biscuits. And again, the local bread, su pane ammoddigadu.
To increase the value and promote the richness of the territory and the local craftwork, for the last number of years the Town council has organised the event entitled “A Osilo… popular traditions, event of ancient trades, products, folklore” It takes place in the first two weeks in August. Some of the most important moments worth remembering are: The Ring race, the Osile Ride, the Artes Antigas event, the stands of Osilo produces.

The history:

Populated since Prehistoric times, the territory of Osilo must have known intense human presence during the Nuragic period, as evidenced by the over 80 nuraghi reported by historians. In Roman times it was home to the fortified castle and an important station on the Turris Libyssonis-Tibula road. In the high Middle Ages its population lived in the many small centres scattered around the territory, while the first historical reference to the populated centre of Osilo dates from 1118. At the end of the XII century the castle of the powerful lungiana family of the Malaspina was built, which put the village at the centre of many disputes for the domination of Northern Sardinia. In subsequent centuries, the village continued to grow, despite wars and famines: in 1622, 1100 fires were registered; in 1728 the Collegiate church was set up, with 45 priests; in 1846 for its number of inhabitants, it was the tenth largest town in Sardinia; in the first decades of the 20th century it still counted a population of over six thousand. In addition to the nuraghi mentioned, there are many domus de janas, tombs of giants and other archaeological sites of great interest. There are numerous remains of the churches scattered around the territory; those of the Church of Sant’Antonio, Bonaria, San Giovanni are in a good state of preservation. In the populated centre, on the top of the hill, towers the Malaspina castle; the Church of the Rosario (XVI sec.) is remarkable; the parish Church of Immacolata Concezione (XVI sec.)is interesting, with a refined 18th century wooden choir inside. The historical centre, of Medieval origin, is very picturesque with its ancient buildings and lanes in cobblestone, at times with barrel vaults.

Traditions and events:

Carnival in Osilo Urban centre February
Feast of Saint Victoria Hamlet of Santa Vittoria May 8
Feast of Saint Anthony Urban centre June 24
Feast of Babbu Eternu Urban centre June
Summer in Osilo Urban centre July-August
Feast of Our Lady of the Angels Urban centre August 2
Feast of Saint Sebastian Urban centre August 2
Feast of Our Lady of Bonaria Urban centre August 7
Feast of Saint Lawrence Locality of San Lorenzo August 10
Ring race Urban centre August 12