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Population: 1.576
Altitude: 417 metri s.l.m.
Area: 36.09 Kmq

Town hall: Via G. Deledda, 2 - Tel. 079.438005 - Fax 079.438434
Postal code: 07030
Web: www.comune.florinas.ss.it
E-mail: comuneflorinas@tiscali.it

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Municipality of Florinas

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Brief notes on the town:

The town of Florinas develops along the Codrongianus valley close to Mount Figulinas. Positioned since its origins in an advantageous transit position for trade between the South and North of the island, the town is a centre that is evidence of the flourishing traffic, having developed also as a result of the commitment of the Benedictine monks who successfully contributed to the reclamation of the entire territory in the early Middle Ages. Florinas is home to three traditional religious feasts and numerous events during the summer months. In May, the feast in honour of our Lady of Pompei; in June, the feast of St. Anthony and in October, the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi. The folk group, Figulinas, plays an important role in reviving the tradition, with the purpose of increasing the value of and protecting, in particular, the popular culture of Sardinia, the Logudoro and Florinas. In the simple facades in calcareous tufa of some of the buildings, the town has a number of interesting signs of an architectonic style which influenced all the nineteenth century. In the populated centre there are four beautiful churches: the eighteenth century parish complex called La Crexiscedda and the rectory all in natural stone which stand alongside the Church of the Assunta (built in the 17th century) the inside of which presents chapels with crossed vaults and a number of beautiful wooden altars; San Francesco in Romanesque style; the Church of the Rosario of the XVI century and the 18th century Church of Santa Croce.

Economic activities:

The local economy is dedicated to sheep breeding.

The history:

During the Judicial period, before passing to the Aragonese in around 1400, the territory experienced alternating, at times, cruel events. The next three centuries were relatively peaceful as the centre became part of the feudal complexes belonging to the Castelvì and Aymerich families.
Florinas had already been densely populated in ancient times between the mid 19th and early 20th century. In this period more or less important traces can be found of over thirty nuraghi and a dozen domus de janas which, together with a tomb of giants, have survived the destruction carried out in the last two centuries of our millennium.

Traditions and events:

Food and wine event "Mondigos and disizzos" Meeting room, Primary school March 12
Feast of our Lady of Pompei Town amphitheatre May 7-8
Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua Town amphitheatre June 11-12
Event of popular folklore songs Town amphitheatre July 29
Cantos in Carrela Urban centre July 30
Folklore event "Lorenzo Manconi" Town amphitheatre August 13
Folklore event "Pizzinos Minores" Town amphitheatre August 16
Food and wine event "Dai chentina in chentina" Urban centre December