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Population: 3.837
Altitude: 453 metri s.l.m
Area: 149.6 Kmq

Town hall: Piazza Santa Maria, 27 - Tel. 079.867894 - Fax 079.866630
Postal code: 07012

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Municipality of Bonorva

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Brief notes on the town:

The town developed on the northern ridge of the plateau of Campeda following the end of the Middle Ages, even if highly important archaeological evidence attributes essential importance to this site since the Nuragic period. The historical centre is dominated by the Church of S. Maria, which is a meeting point for different artistic styles: the Gothic-Romanesque facade and the Gothic-Aragonese bell tower.
The remains of the impressive Nuragic defence walls built with megalithic basalt stones, weighing as much as 7 tons, remain on the plateau of Su Monte. The ancient village of Rebeccu, isolated on a calcareous spur at an altitude of 425 m, with its few lanes dug into the rock, retains the typical charm and atmosphere of an abandoned town. It overlooks a fertile zone in which the small Romanesque Church of San Lorenzo and, a short distance away, the Nuragic fountain of Su Lumarzu, are striking features.

Economic activities:

The agro-pastoral economy produces excellent dairy products and the famous Zichi bread; the craftwork activity produces valuable tapestries and carpets, while the bottling of mineral water which flows from the Saint Lucy spring is of great importance.
The traditional passion for horse breeding is celebrated in full in town festivals, which display acrobatic evolutions of great sporting and tourist interest. Its peculiar feature is its attachment to traditions, which is manifested primarily with the handweaving of carpets and blankets in brocade style.

The history:

Significant signs of Nuragic civilisation are present in the magnificent domus de janas of San Andrea Priu. Among the most important of the entire Sardinian archaeological heritage are 20 tombs, some of which are fitted out for Christian worship, occurred in the late ancient and Middle Ages and widely testified by the beautiful cycles of frescoes, which have been recently restored.
Mount Cujaru and the wood of Case Mariani, a small distance from the town, are environmental areas of great size. Also of interest is the Nuragic“Castrum”(stronghold), built to contrast the Punic invasion, with ruins of the village of San Simeone and the Su Monte nuraghe, consisting of a series of eight megalithic enclosures. The Carthaginian stronghold was the fortress of San Simeone, of the V century B.C., consisting of two towers with oblique walls and housing for the troops.

Traditions and events:

Feast of Saint Lucy Rural centre of S. Lucia May 1
Feast of Saint Victoria Urban centre May 14
Feast of Saint Anthony Church of Sant'Antonio June 13
Feast of Saint John Urban centre June 24
Feast of Saint Simenone St. Anthony's square July 17
Equestrian events Agro August 6
August in Bonorva Urban centre August
Feast of Zichi Bread Urban centre August 13
Mustras (every two years) Rural church August 13
Feast of Saint Mary Child Urban centre September 8
Feast of Saint Barbara Urban centre October 2