Salumificio Ittirese




Via Sassari,125 - 07044 Ittiri (Sassari) - Sardegna - Italia
Tel +39 079/442579 - cell.+39 336/601780




The “salumificio Ittirese” (sausage and salami factory in Ittiri) was established in 2001 as family business.
The 30 year experience of the owner and his unique knowledge make the firm exclusive, and qualify all the products with an absolute excellence.
The use of hand-procedures, linked to the best local handycraft traditions, contributes to rise the quality standards of sausages, bacon, pork neck salami and lard.
The use of strictly selected and checked first rate pork meat, enables to offer a high quality product.
Meat is bought boneless, the fat is eliminated therfrom, then meat is cut, minced, pounded, and several natural ingredients, such as fennel or aniseed, are added. Thereafter the product is inserted into natural guts, avoiding to use sinthetic materials.
The subsequent step is smoking, achieved by burning seasoned wood of sweet essences. Such a procedure, poorly used anywhere else, helps to enhance the fragrance and the flavour of the final product.
A skilled washing, by using esclusively natural products, gives the product organileptic peculiarities of absolute freshness and genuineness.