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AZIENDA AGRICOLA di Mulas Maria Giovanna

A wine can be thè same colour of topaz, of ruby, of diamond; it can smell like flowers and ripe fruit; it can give pleasant feelings of intensity and perfection. no wine is as good as thè one of the land where we are barn and bred; that wine is the some colour of joy, smells: like ancient memories and taste like regrets".
The Goceano's vine "Arvesiniadu" ran the risk of disappearing, but in thè early 1990's a group of pioneers decided to boost its cultivation. It required a support (sa raiga) because the shoots were extremely frail and delicate; the produci was generally used to complete grape blends, not only ; white but also of red musts.
Later the single support was replaced with the low espalier and pure wine-making was tested. Thanks to the cooperation of the experts of the University of Sassari and of the
"Consorzio Interprovinciale della Frutticoltura" of Cagliari, good results have been achieved.
The wine-producing firm "Mulas Maria Giovanna", formerly wine-producing firm "Salvatore Cabras", was established in 1992 with the intention of reviving the cultivation of Goceano's vine "Arvesiniadu" in order to exploit it.
The vineyard is located in Nurcoro (Bono) on the hills of Goceano; it is three hectares wide and only white grape is grown. Cultivation technologies are carried out with the organic farming method and respecting thè environment. Grape is picked by hand in order to assure a better selection. Wines are marketed only in bottle.
The vine "Arvesiniadu" produces two kinds of wine: Sweet and Dry:
Arvesiniadu Amabile
Typology: White
Denomination: Aperitif and/or dessert wine
Growing area: Nurcoro (Bono)
Vines: 1. Arvesiniadu 100%
Transparent, straw-coloured Subtle fruity scent, Dry
Typology: White aperitif or table wine. Growing area: Nurcoro (Bono)
Vines: 1. Arvesiniadu 100%;
Transparent, straw-coloured, fruity, strong smeli Sweet, full-bodied